About Cookies

Use of cookies

Imageshop AS logs the traffic to anonymously. This information can in no way be be tracked back to individuals.
Data is logged with the purpose of optimizing the website for increased user friendlyness for our visitors. This is a process many websites follow.
To log traffic to our website, a cookie is saved to your browser. You can delete this information by following the instructions from the help pages of your browser, or configure it to not use cookies.
Cookies are used for several purposes, incluing to keep you logged in, to remember your username on the login screen, and to remember the selected language of the website.

What is a cookie?

A «cookie» is a text file saved in your browser. This is a standard internet technology that's used on most websites today. Most common browsers, such as Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, are configured to accept cookies automatically by default. If you do not wish to save this information in your browser, you will need to go to your browser settings and deactivate this functionality.
Note that disabling cookies may cause issues with the functionality of some websites.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority have developed rules for use of analytics on Norwegian webpages.
Translated from their webpages:
«Compaies who uses analyitical tools on their websites must ensure that the processing of personal information is done in line with the privacy laws. This means:

  • After the collection, all IP addresses are anonymized or changed so that visitors can not be tracked to specific hardware and thus an individual. In Google Analytics, the anonymization functionality must be enabled.
  • Processing of collected information is only used for statistical information. The company must never gather more information than necessary for this purpose.
  • Visitors to the webpage must be given information about what information is gathered and processed, and how this is done.
  • Companies that use another party, provider or data processor to do the analysis for them, still have the responsibility for how that data is processed. This means:
    • The company must always be aware of what information their third parties have access to and how they process it.
    • The contract between the company and the third party must satisfy Norwegian privacy laws. The company can not accept the terms of the third party if they do not comply with Norwegian law.»
Source: The Norwegian Data Protection Authority information about Google Analytics

Following laws and advice

All of Imageshop's webpages follow the Norwegian Data Protection Authority recommendations and active laws and regulations for collecting and processing of data of our visitors. Imageshop's customers are given the same recommendations and advice.
Imageshop AS are committed to following the active privacy laws. If you have any questions to Imageshop or want our help to follow best practice for data collection and analysis, you are welcome to contact us.